Advanced Functional Testing

Advanced Functional Tests are holistic tests designed to look at all aspects of an individual’s health.

Our Holistic practitioners take the time to investigate and uncover what the root causes of a health challenge. Then based on the information obtained, they assist you in determining which diet, lifestyle, supplements, and therapies could help. Our Holistic practitioners look at the Whole Body and not just the parts that seem to be going bad, including the spiritual, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of an illness.

Conventional Medicine is the medicine of WHAT

WHAT disease you have, determines what pill to take.

With Holistic medicine, we ask “Why”. Why is the body developing a “dis-ease” and what’s at the root of it. Why is this symptom manifesting itself now? Why is the system in dysfunction or dysregulation.

This is where functional diagnostic testing  can help in assessing the root causes . Our testing utilizes advanced testing methods to identify dysfunctional pathways and then our practitioners help you in carving out a road map to wellness.

Some health challenges are easy to understand and treat the cause, while others make a detective out of your doctors. For example, a broken bone obviously needs setting and casting. Pain from tight muscles can be relieved by stretching, massage, or other manual therapies. Fatigue from lack of sleep needs a schedule and commitment to rest. In situations like these, the root cause of your pain is obvious, and the treatment plan is fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, not every ailment is so easy to treat or pinpoint what is wrong.

Our goal is to assess your health based on function. We assess systems, rather than symptoms. We also assess trends towards disease rather than waiting until you develop something serious. Prevention is our primary goal. Advanced Functional Testing offers a new roadmap based on systems biology, function and causality.

Advanced Tests

BioEnergetic Testing (B.E.T.)

Functional Blood Testing

Heart Rate Variability

InBody Composition Analysis


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