Holistic Health Evaluations

Do you want a holistic approach from your healthcare provider? Our Holistic Family Nurse Practitioners Martha Bray, FNP-BC, APRN, Megan Morgan, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, and Shauna Bennee, DNP, FNP-C, APRN  take the time to investigate and uncover what is causing the health problem in question.

How It Works

Based on your information obtained, we will help you determine which diet, lifestyle, supplements, therapies, and environmental treatments could help you. Our Holistic Practitioners[CLT1]  look at the Whole Body, including the spiritual, emotional, and energetic aspects, not just your parts or systems that seem to be going bad.

Conventional Medicine focuses on WHAT – What disease you have determines what pill to take.

Holistic medicine asks, “Why?” Why is the body developing a disease, and what is its root cause? Why are these symptoms manifesting? Why? Why? Why?

Some health challenges are easily understood and treatable, while others make detectives out of your doctors. For example, a broken bone obviously needs setting and casting. Pain from tight muscles can be relieved by stretching, massage, or other manual therapies. Fatigue from lack of sleep needs a schedule and commitment to rest. In situations like these, the root cause of your pain is obvious, and the treatment plan is straightforward. Unfortunately, many ailments require a multi-faceted investigation and analysis to pinpoint their root causes.

Ultimately, dis-ease can be viewed through these core concepts:

The Two Most Important

·        Do I need to eliminate something, such as toxins, infections, stress, or a poor diet?

·        Do I have unmet individual needs requiring correction to improve function, such as nutrients, water, sleep, movement, social connection, meaning or purpose?

Five Causes of Illness:

·        Toxins (biological, elemental, synthetic)

·        Allergens & Intolerances (food, mold, dust, pollens, chemicals)

·        Microbes (bacteria, yeast, parasites, worms, etc.)

·        Stress (physical or emotional)

·        Poor Diet (nutrient deficiencies, toxicity)

Eight Core Physiological
Systems and Imbalances

·        Digestion, Absorption and Gut Imbalances

·        Hormonal and Neurochemical Imbalances

·        Immune and Inflammatory Imbalances

·        Detoxification and Biotransformational Imbalances (refers to the way in which the body handles products of metabolism, toxic elements, drugs, and other chemicals, and
eliminates waste through the urine, stool, and sweat.) 

·        Mitochondrial Dysfunctions (addressing can increase the amount of energy available for use by cells and improve fatigue symptoms)

·        Structural Imbalances (cellular dysfunction, musculoskeletal problems)

·        Mind & Body Imbalances 

·        Sleep Disruption

Whatever your symptoms or complicated medical conditions, you may be looking for avenues that can enhance your healing. You may be looking for complimentary or alternative avenues that will help you achieve and sustain optimal wellness.

When you schedule a Comprehensive Holistic Health Evaluation with one of our Holistic Family Nurse Practitioners, you begin a partnership that provides you with personalized choices by exploring both proven conventional medical options and integrative, holistic, mind-body-spirit approaches that restore health.

With decades of collective healing experience, our caring and talented Holistic Practitioners approach your well-being uniquely with a wide range of treatment options.

Our goals are to assess your health based on function. We assess systems, rather than symptoms. We also assess trends toward disease rather than waiting until you develop something. Prevention is a primary goal at Advanced Health Clinic. We help you build a new wellness roadmap based on systems biology, function, and causality.

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Hormonal Help
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Mitochondrial Dysfunction

NAET and Desensitization Therapies

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